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Fastest Services

We Ensure That You Can Take The Patient To The Hospital At The Earliest. Because In Emergency Medical Situations If The Patient Is Getting Proper Treatment In Time Then There Are Higher Chances Of Survival.

Free Consultation

Jaipur Ambulance Service Is Having Tie Ups With Multiple Hospitals. If You Are In Such Emergency Medical Situation And You Do Not Know What To Do. Feel Free To Reach Us. We Are Be Happy To Help You.

Experienced EMS Technician

ICU On Wheels Are Having A Team Of Well Trained EMS Technicians. Which Can Handle Emergency Medical Situations And Can Take You To The Hospital As Soon As Possible. In EMS It Is Very Important To Get Proper Treatment For The Patient.

Advance Equipment

We Jaipur Ambulance Emergency Service's Ambulances Are Well Equipped With Advanced Life Saving Equipment. Namely Ventilators/Defibrillators, Monitors, Inbuilt ECG Machines/Syringe Pumps And Other Equipment Which Helps To Monitor Critical Patients.


Other Services

Coffin Box for Dead Body

The scope & expansion plans of & Sai Ambulance Services. are farsighted and growing with every need of the people. The aim is always 'Service To All'.Crucial, life-saving intervention is now possible with the dedicated& expert services that Ganesh Ambulance Services has to offer.

Air Ambulance On Demand

Sometimes the only way to safely transport a patient is by air ambulance transportation. Air ambulances are specially equipped aircraft designed for relocating patients from one facility to another with continuous medical monitoring to ensure their safety.

Critical care
In a critical medical situation after medical treatment this is very Important for a patient to get a proper care for fast and proper recovery. We are having a team of well trained and experienced team to take care of the patient. Patient can get a proper care.
Oxygen Supply
According to today's situation oxygen supply is very much important for the patient if you are in such situation. Where you looking for oxygen supply. You can reach us we will help you to save your loved ones.
Air Ambulance
Now a days Air ambulance is the fastest ambulance services even in India or International. It is very venient and equipped advanced convenient tools and it helps to increase the chances of survivals in emergency medical situations.
Covid-19 Care
COVID-19 is an epidemic which is spreading everywhere, and a lot of people are getting effected with it. In this situation everyone is facing a lot of issues. So you can reach us if you face this kind of EMS. We are happy to help you in such medical conditions.
Cardiac Arrest
Cardiac arrest is an emergency situation and if the patient could not get proper medical treatment with first 90 mins of stroke then patient could die. Our ambulances are well equipped with equipments which help the patient for survival in this medical condition.
EMS First Responder
Emergency medical situations are the medical conditions which required frequent response. We are having a team which respond you very first and you can connect with us on WhatsApp also for the booking of your Ambulance at any location in Jaipur.
Medical Insurance
ICU On Wheel facilitate our patients with medical insurance services also. Which can cover almost every disease and every medical emergency situation it can help the patient to get a better treatment with less financial risk.
VVIP Treatment
Ambulance service in Malviya Nagar do provide the VVIP treatment facilities. If a patient is financially strong and looking for the VIP medical facilities then he/she can avail the service from us at a very competitive budget.
Dead Body deep fridge
Ambulance Service in Jaipur do provide the dead body deep fridge facilities. If a patient is no more and you want to preserve the dead body for further funeral activities then feel free to reach us.